Castleton Team Members
Jon Auberry, General Manager/Bar Manager
Jon is one of the most well-known & liked bartenders in Castleton. He can be seen behind the bar Wednesday - Saturday but also holds business hours during the day to handle inventory, beverage operations, and scheduling. Recently, Jon has taken on a new role as the General Manager and handles day to day operations and can be found on regular basis, so make sure to say hi and ask him to make you one of his favorite cocktails or shots when you stop in! Click HERE to send Jon an email. 

Matt Rusler, Event Planner 
Well known for his name DJ Country Life; he has been with Saddle Up since 2013. He is nortious for unique persona of different backgrounds and will be featured playing you're favorite music, as well as hosting parties as the Event Planner here at Saddle Up!


Pete Zappulla, Lead Dance Instructor
Pete is our Lead Dance Instructor and can be found on a regular basis teaching our customers the best line dances in Indy! He teaches dances of all levels, from beginnner to advanced, and will help anyone who asks! Make sure to find Pete, say hi, and let him show you how to do the line dances we do every night! 

Ryan Welter, Sales Manager
Ryan is the Sales Manager for both of our Saddle Up Saloon locations. He handles all functions pertaining to table sales, in house promotions, and private events. Ryan has been with Saddle Up Saloon since 2011 and is based out of our Fox Valley location but he does travel to our Castleton location frequently. Any questions that you may have can be directed to Ryan and you may contact him by email here

Missy Moehnke, Manager of Finance and Administration 
Missy Moehnke handles the financial and administrative functions at all Saddle Up locations.  Her primary contributions are in the back office and include human resources and financial reporting. Missy holds normal business hours at her home location (Charlotte) but travels to other Saddle Up locations frequently. Missy also assists in the expansion of future Saddle Up locations. Click here to send Missy an email.

Carl Nordhielm, Chief Financial Officer
Carl Nordhielm handles the financial and administrative functions remotely from Tallahassee, Florida.  His primary contributions are back office including cost control, investor relations, human resources and financial reporting.  Carl visits the club every month or two and meets regulary with staff members, vendors and shareholders in the Indianapolis area.  Click here to send an email to Carl. 


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