Country Songs About Gambling

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The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

This song by the legendary Kenny Rogers is one of the most popular gambling-themed songs. The song is not just about the fun of gambling, it has an emphasis on comparing a card game to how one should live life to the fullest. In the song, the artist explains to a man how to handle life like he handles a card game.

St John the Gambler by Townes van Zandt

Townes van Zandt is known as one of the greatest songwriters and country guitar players in the world. In days as a musician and songwriter, he released songs that captivated audiences and fans from around the world with hard emotion.

St John the Gambler provides lyrics comparing St John the Baptist with gambling.

Bet on the Blues by John Denver

This song by John Denver is a great gambling song about betting odds on blues, and how one can compare gambling to every decision that we take in life. The song has many great lines reflecting on gambling and the odds and ends of betting on life.

A Good Run of Bad Luck by Cling Black

Love and heartbreak are probably the most used subjects in music, especially country music. This song is all about how gambling can be compared to love and heartbreak. The song had a major impact on country music fans when it was released in 1994. Listen to A Good Run of Bad Luck while enjoying online casino games.

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