Top 4 Country Bars in Chicago

Chicago has many country bars and venues situated throughout the city. With this article, we go deep into the top country music bars in Chicago.

Joes Bar on Weed St.

This is a country bar which is known for its live country music concerts. The artists who perform at Joe’s Bar are known to be high-quality musicians. It is one of the top bars to go and see live music for both locals and tourists and attract fans from the artists they book.

They host a variety of country musicians and bands from big names to lesser-known artists who are making waves.

The Country Club

The Country Club is one of the hottest country clubs in Clark Street Chicago. Many music fans travel from far to come to join in on the live performances and to see their favorite country music stars.

Although it is situated in Chicago, it has a genuine Nashville theme, the city of country music.

Firewater Saloon

This country saloon is situated on the north side of Chicago in Edison Park. It’s a saloon with a genuine full interest and love for everything country. Their live music performances are hosted on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday nights.

Reggies Chicago

At Reggie’s Chicago Venue, music fans can watch great up-and-coming country music stars performing their hearts out on the stage. This is a must-visit venue for enjoying a chilled yet exciting night out in the city of Chicago for live country music.

Visit these country bars across Chicago to enjoy a fun night out in the city for dancing and live music.