Overview of Country Line Dancing

Thinking about country line dancing can make a person think about hardcore 90s country music with cowboys and horses. Looking closer into the scene, line dancing is much more versatile than it seems to be.

Line dancing is a dance in which groups and fans of country music line up and follow a choreographed sequence of steps together. Since the beginning of line dancing, it was the traditional country music that was used for the groups to line dance together. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of music being used at country parties and events for line dancing.

Traditionally, the type of songs that were used were the likes of ‘’Boot Scooting Boogie’’. Nowadays, there is a wide array of music being used including contemporary country artists like Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan.

Some of the younger line dancers are now also using rock n roll oldies from Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison.

Chicago presents many line dancing saloons and events to enjoy. Dancing classes are seen as one of the major entertainment activities in the city of Chicago and can be enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

Local bars, clubs, park districts, health clubs, and banquet halls are all venues that support line dancing and present it in many forms of parties and different events taking place throughout the city.

Some of the teachers of dance classes say that line dancing is easy to learn as there are just a couple of basic steps. The recommended place to start with line dancing is suggested as Glendora Banquets in Chicago Ridge. Glendora Banquets offers dancing on Tuesday and Thursday nights in a relaxed learning environment from 7 to 9 at night.

One of the largest line dancing groups in Chicago visits many saloons and country bars across the city to partake in line dancing with new and older country music songs. These are mostly the younger crowds. Some nights more than 700-line dancers partake in the dances at various saloons and venues.

Besides many bars and venues presenting line dancing to audiences, locals can line dance into the late hours of the night until the morning at Carol’s Pub in Chicago. Carol’s Pub is a quaint, honky-tonk country pub, an uptown bar that has line dancing every Friday and Saturday night until the morning hours.

Whether being a hardcore oldie country dancer or a newbie wanting to try something new and exciting, there will always be a spot to join in on the fun. Some folks even join in online dancing for fitness goals. With so many venues presenting line dancing, there are also plenty of line dancing instructors and schools throughout Chicago and its surroundings.

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