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Saddle Up provides its readers with the latest news and information on Country Music, its events, and dancing lessons for dancing to country music. Country music is one of the oldest and most appreciated forms of music throughout the USA.

With all its splendor and foot-stomping rhythms, country music has influenced many music genres and has created an atmosphere in dancing and many other forms of entertainment. We strive to provide our readers with the most memorable glimpses into the world of country music and its dancing.

Chicago and the rest of the USA have many dancing halls and classes to take part in to get the groove going with country music dancing. Country music dancing can be enjoyed by many different people, whether they have a love for country music or not, it can provide a fun experience.

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Country Bars

Throughout Chicago and the rest of the USA, there are many country bars to enjoy for their great vibes and country dancing.

Parties and Events

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Dance Classes

Dance classes are a great way to get into country dancing and all its fun activities around Chicago and the Rest of the USA.

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